Kind words from our friends and supporters.



“This has been the most valuable experience in my formal education.”

 – Carolyn Adishian, Intern Graduate Fall 2010


“NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Engen, Mayor of the great city of Missoula, do hereby proclaim Monday, October 8th, 2007 as Official Pink Bunny Day in Missoula and encourage all eligible Missoulians to register to vote or update their voter registration so that they can exercise their right to vote.”

– Mayor John Engen



 “The Pink Bunnies make voting more accessible. That is democracy at its best … I think it is fantastic that Forward Montana Foundation took on such a huge task and completely killed it. It makes me want to wear a bunny suit.”

– Fmr. Sen. John Brueggeman, on Pink Bunnies registering 10,000 voters in 2012


Online blog Nerd Wallet names Forward Montana Foundation voting tool one of “The Best Voter Education Resources for the 2012 Election



Forward Montana Fights Voter Suppression


“It isn’t often that progressives put a stop to voter challenges before they even get to court. Forward Montana‘s response — as fierce as it was quick — provides a new model for fighting back against those who would suppress our votes.”

– Becky Bond, Founder, Secretary of State Project


“Dramatic events like these don’t happen by themselves; in this case Forward Montana used a variety of means to get the word out.”

– Progressive States Network


“I feel like it’s so rare to hear about progressives winning battles on election protection. This was some badass work by Forward Montana to protect the vote in their state.”

– Michael Connery, author, Youth to Power


“It’s a big win for Montana voters […] and for […] Forward Montana. Their quick reaction to the stunt helped to create a groundswell against it.”

– Joan McCarter, Daily Kos


“When Colorado’s Secretary of State tried to disenfranchise thousands of new voters, we used the playbook written by Forward Montana and we won.”

—Steve Fenberg, Executive Director, New Era Colorado