Train: We’re building an army of young people, with a mission to move Montana forward. Not left, not right, but forward.

  • Internships: A year-round program that trains the next generation of young leaders how to organize, mobilize, and educate leaders. The Forward Montana internship program engages and trains over 20 people age 16-22 every year.  In return for 2-3 upper-division college credits, students are required to give a minimum of 10 hours a week and complete a weekly class during the full-spectrum 10-week program.


We’re making Democracy stronger by fighting for voters’ rights and holding politicians accountable.

  • Voter Rights & Election Reform: Until every vote is fairly represented and secure, Forward Montana will be working to protect constituents rights.


We’re using face-to-face communication to elect the next generation of young leaders in Montana.

  • GOTV: We mobilize the young people we engage by reminding them to vote with calls, texts, and knocks on their door before elections.

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