The Challenges:

  1. Ballots are confusing and the long list of candidates and issues can be scary for first time voters.
  2. The voter registration process excludes young people who move frequently and have yet to develop the habit of voting.
  3. Politics exclude young people. It’s boring, unattractive, and not fun.

Our Solution:

  1. We train young people. From how to organize other young people to the importance of voting and how issues and candidates affect our lives.
  2. We mobilize young people. The best way to talk to young people is with other young people. We mobilize hundreds of volunteers throughout the state of Montana to talk to constituents about voting.
  3. We educate young people. We use peer-to-peer contact and internship classes to teach the next generation of Montanan’s how to be leaders in their communities.

Whether you want to dip your toe in the political pool or do a wicked cannon ball we want you to join us.

Getting excited about politics is easy with the Equality Squad!

Now that you know a bit about the organization find out about the people that make it possible.

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For the lawyers in the crowd, Forward Montana is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For the record.