Have a voice before you vote

Voting isn’t our only tool in our civic toolbox! We all have a voice we can use to create change in our communities even if we’re not old enough to vote. 

High school students across Montana are generators of amazing movements – organizing marches, getting problematic school policies changed, forming networks of young activists across the state and asking hard questions of those that represent them. Young people under 18 are using their voice and knowledge to advocate and inform others in their communities – yet we know this can be difficult without the knowledge to take the first step! In order to create a sustainable movement – we’ve created programs that provide civic knowledge (Underage Democracy), civic practice (Democracy Days), and civic leadership (High School Fellowship) to create even BIGGER change in their communities. 

We’re here to support you, whether you are just beginning your journey of civic engagement or if you have already been on that path. Plus we have really cool schwag! Stickers, temporary tattoos, and popsockets galore. 


Mock Election Template

This mock election isn’t your grandma’s mock election. Students will explore the impact just a handful of votes can have on the outcome of an actual election. Along the way, students will learn about the life (and death) of a ballot measure and how we can remove barriers to exercising the right to vote.

Democracy Scavenger Hunt Template

Have you been looking for democracy in all the wrong places? This scavenger hunt will give students experience in democracy small and large. From talking to a parent about their views on voting, to attending a public meeting, this scavenger hunt will help young people understand where, how, and when they can create change in their communities.

Voting Rights Timeline Template

Follow the fight for voting rights through history. The Voting Rights Timeline will move your students through each battle for enfranchisement, helping them understand the hard-fought battle for voting rights in the United States and Montana specifically.

Judicial System Template

Are you already preparing for your journey to the Supreme Court? Or are you interested in how courts impact our lives? This Judicial System Template was developed by Forward Montana Foundation and is intended to introduce young people to the federal court system, the impact it may play on their lives, and the impact individuals can have on the court system.

State Budget Template

Wondering how those #taxes are used to fund things in your community? This State Budget Template was developed by Forward Montana Foundation and the Montana Budget & Policy Center and is intended to introduce students to the process of public budgeting – from taxpayers to funded programs.


Ready to gain access to templates and materials?


Are you ready to change the world?

Every Spring, Forward Montana Foundation seeks out a group of 10 rad high school students from across Montana. Fellows are responsible for leading their peers through our Underage Democracy civics templates, as well as coordinating fun events for High School Day of Voter Action and National Voter Registration Day. Fellows will also be invited to exclusive trainings on all things Community Organizing–from how to tell their story of self to turning their friends out to vote. Fellows are young people who are organized, love democracy, and are down to throw parties. PLUS they get $500 as a stipend for their time spent as a fellow #moneygoalz.


Every April, Forward Montana Foundation hosts Democracy Days which is a peer-led, non-partisan, voter registration effort that happens in 20 schools across Montana. Forward Montana Foundation provides the supplies, voter registration forms, and materials; high schools provide the student leaders to host the drive. This is a great chance to give students leadership skills and to empower their fellow students!