Train: Mobilizing people to vote, protecting their rights as voters, and educating people about elections is a lot of work. We’re building an army of the civically engaged young people to carry our work on.

  • Internships: This year-round program keeps the fire of democracy stoked and the young people of Montana registered to vote. Our interns learn how to run registration drives, throw educational events, and do the field work in between. They take on final projects that range from registering high school seniors to throwing fundraisers.
  • Fellowships: After a semester of an intensive interning, we offer some graduates the opportunity to work as a part-time staffer at Forward Montana Foundation.
  • M.I.P.ternships: We work with the Missoula justice system to offer supervised minor in possession community service hours.
  • Underage Democracy Internship:  Forward Montana Foundation runs year-round high school internships dubbed the Underage Democracy Project. Why?  It gives students a voice before they have a vote and trains them to be civic leaders.  It mobilizes students in the Missoula community and in schools across the State.
  • Schoolhouse Votes:  Schoolhouse Votes is an interactive civic engagement class that fills requirements for high school government classes while giving students an exciting way to learn about voting and being involved!

Teachers interested in participating in the Underage Democracy Project or a Schoolhouse Votes class should contact Forward Montana Foundation at 406.542.8683 or e-mail to receive more information.