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Notes from the Field

Student Voter Day

November 1, 2018

Student Voter Day was a wonderful time for students on campuses across Montana to turn in their absentee ballots, getting them to become passionate about voting. Students absolutely loved the free coffee, donuts, and hot chocolate along with the wide array of stickers that were available throughout the day. Alix and Ali, the field organizers…

Notes from the Field

Just a Little Nudge

October 16, 2018

Ever since I started working for Forward Montana Foundation, I’ve tried to encourage my 23 year old brother, Creath, to register to vote. One of my most recent attempts led him to respond, “Voting is just not something I ever think about doing. I don’t ever feel like I make an impact, so I really…

Notes from the Field

Voter Registration–Why we do it

June 20, 2018

When you think of Forward Montana Foundation, what comes to mind? Voter registration, of course. For years now we’ve made it our business to make sure every single millennial in the state of Montana gets registered to vote. With the primaries behind us, it’s time to dive right back onto the streets, clipboards in hand,…

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