Introducing Our 2018 Fall Staff

Ali Tucker | Bozeman

Bozeman Field Organizer
In the Office: Ali is out in the field getting young and old students excited about voting and reminding them their votes matter 🙂
Out of the Office: Ali is trying to graduate with a major in Sociology and Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, but also making music or reading!

Alix Irvine | Bozeman

Bozeman Field Organizer

In the Office: Alix loves to tell puns and inspire others to get out and help others get registered to vote.

Out of the Office: Alix ALSO loves to tell puns and hangs out with her friends and plans on double majoring in political science and psychology.

Anna Majerus | Missoula

Missoula Field Fellow

In the Office: Anna will be connecting with her fellow Missoulians through their passion for positive political, and societal changes for all, and taking the first steps to leadership roles!

Out of the Office: Anna is likely playing with her dog (Sabbath), or playing Skyrim, and nothing else.

Annie Waldum | Bozeman

6-Mill Campus Ambassador
In the Office: Annie is always trying to make people smile along with craving her next coffee break.
Out of the Office: Annie loves eating and trying new things, so who knows what she is up to.

Ellie Quakenbush | Missoula

High School Outreach Coordinator
In the Office: Ellie is helping young people expresses their beliefs, feelings and opinions. 
Out of the Office: Ellie can be found learning, teaching, exploring and experiencing.

Hannah Pate | Havre

6-Mill Campus Ambassador Lead

In the Office: Hannah often falls asleep sending emails, laughs nervously at metric goals, & gets hella excited by all the change young people are making across the state & nation.

Out of the Office: Hannah enjoys making dishes with the main focus on carbs, hand lettering, & laughing/crying about the state of our union with her partner.

Isabel Loos | Bozeman

6-Mill Travelling Campus Ambassador

In the Office:  Isabel works to get Montanans informed and excited about the 6-mill Levy, and most importantly out to vote!

Out of the Office: She can be found knee deep in powder or scouring the internet for cheap plane tickets.

Jackson Lahey | Missoula

Missoula Field Organizer

In the Office: You can find Jackson registering fellow young people to vote and getting people engaged in whatever way he can!

Out of the Office: You’ll find Jackson outside! Whether he’s just sitting in his yard or around town he has to have some fresh air to keep him going.

Jessica Batts | Billings

Billings Field Organizer
In the office: Jessica can be found composing very detailed to-do lists and coming up with new ways to convince her friends to volunteer.
Out of the Office: She can be found cuddling with/taking pictures of/going for walks with/generally just obsessing over her fur children, Charlotte and Bernie

Kat Jackson | Missoula

6-Mill Campus Ambassador

In the office: Kat educates & gains support for the 6-Mill Levy on the University of Montana Campus. 

Out of the office: Kat enjoys collecting old records & used books.

Maggie Bornstein | Missoula

6-Mill Campus Ambassador

In the Office: Maggie keeps Erin’s vocabulary hip and young

Out of the Office: Maggie spends much of her time wondering if she is an Abbi or an Ilana. 

Maya Leon | Bozeman

Campus Tour Field Manager
In the office: What office? The field is usually Maya’s office, traveling campus to campus getting her Millenial compatriots fired up about voting! Yaaaassss!!
Out of the office: Maya can be found on her couch re-watching Sense8 for the 8th million time.

Tyler Bradley | Billings

Billings Field Fellow

In the Office: Tyler is wishing he remembered to bring dog treats for all the beautiful doggos that walk by while turning out those votes.

Out of the Office: Tyler is at his other workplace working as a residence hall director or hanging with his boy Captain listening to podcasts.