About FMF

We know politics can be an unfriendly place for most young people. It’s boring, wonky, and feels slimy some of the time. But rather than dipping out, we’re asking our friends to dive in. We believe if more young people vote and advocate civically for public policies that reflect their values, a more supportive climate will be created to advance policies that better their lives and the lives of all Montanans. This change will happen faster if more young Montanans have the leadership skills and training to be effective civic advocates.

That’s why, we’re educating, engaging, and organizing young Montanans to shape their democracy to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow Montanans.

How We Got our Start

Homegrown & Grassroots

Forward Montana was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate students at the University of Montana who felt there were a lot of barriers getting young people involved in politics. Their first fights were at the university and the local level and focused on recycling, renewable energy, sexual assault and tenant rights. We’ve now grown into the largest youth civic engagement organization in Montana, with year-round staff in Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula.

Our Work

Building Power 365 Days a Year

We work year-round to build big power under the big sky for young Montanans. Our four buckets of work include voter registration, voter mobilization, leadership development, and issue advocacy.