Voter Registration

We register 1,000s of young people every year. Each time we register someone to vote, we’re engaging in conversations about making our democracy better — and urging those voters to make their voices heard. We know that when young people vote their values, progress happens. FMF is the largest, non-partisan voter registration drive in Montana.

Voter mobilization

Young Montanans make up 25% of eligible voters in Montana. Our generation cares deeply about issues like climate change, economic justice, and LGBTQ equality. When we show up at the polls, our values win. In 2018, together with our sister organization, we made 3642 calls and engaged nearly 5,000 voters through social media.

Leadership Development

We know politics can be an unfriendly place for most young people. It’s boring, wonky, and feels slimey some of the time. But rather than dip out, we’re asking our friends to dive in. If we deepen young Montanan’s culture of civic engagement and build the knowledge, skills, and leadership of young Montanans who reflect the diversity of our state to create change in their communities, more young people will become lifetime voters and activists, run for and win public office, and advance issues and conversations that address the complex challenges facing young Montanans today and tomorrow.