Are you already preparing for your journey to the Supreme Court? Or are you interested in how courts impact our lives? This Judicial System Template was developed by Forward Montana Foundation and is intended to introduce young people to the federal court system, the impact it may play on their lives, and the impact individuals can have on the court system.

  • Time: 
    • In Class – 1 to 5 class periods
    • Out of Class – N/A
    • Prep Time – prep time dependent (printing + teacher meeting + practice)
  • Grade Level:
    • 9th to 12th grade
  • Ideal Number of Students:
    • 4-30+ students
  • Materials Needed:
    • POP Worksheet (included) 
    • Video Series (online + included)
    • Judicial System Workbook (included)
    • Markers + Pens + Pencils (not included)
    • Access to online resources (not included)
    • Evaluations, Online + Print Versions (included)

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