Leadership Development

We know politics can be an unfriendly place for most young people. It’s boring, wonky, and feels slimey some of the time. But rather than dip out, we’re asking our friends to dive in.

If we deepen young Montanan’s culture of civic engagement and build the knowledge, skills, and leadership of young Montanans who reflect the diversity of our state to create change in their communities, more young people will become lifetime voters and activists, run for and win public office, and advance issues and conversations that address the complex challenges facing young Montanans today and tomorrow.


Grow your skillz


The Fairy God Parents of Montana

Pat and Carol Williams spent their years of public service lifting up the voices, accomplishments, and experiences of young people in Montana. We honor that legacy each year with the Williams’ Effect. During this annual celebration, we host the Montana Youth Organizing Summit and the 25 Under 25 Awards Ceremony….


Not 18? No problem.

Voting isn’t our only tool in our civic toolbox. We are powerful even If we’re not old enough to vote. The energy we see from young leaders, march organizers, and high school activists is incredible.  In order to create a sustainable movement, we’ve created programs that provide the civic knowledge (Underage Democracy) and the practice (Democracy…


Join the Squad

Ask anyone–our internships are where the most kick-ass organizers are made. Through hands-on field experience and in-class lessons,  you will learn all you need to know to make our world a better place. You won’t be grabbing coffee or making copies; you’ll be leading teams of volunteers, planning educational events, and making change in your…

Montana Youth Organizing Summit

The Montana Youth Organizing Summit brings young Montanans together from all corners of the state to build power, expand skill sets, and grow networks. We harness Montana’s long tradition of progress by hosting workshops led by Montana’s best community organizers, political professionals, and policymakers.
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