Wondering how taxes are used to fund things in your community? This State Budget Template was developed by Forward Montana Foundation and the Montana Budget & Policy Center and is intended to introduce students to the process of public budgeting –  from taxpayers to funded programs.

  • Time: 
    • In Class – 1 to 2 class periods
    • Out of Class – N/A
    • Prep Time – prep time dependent (printing + teacher meeting + practice)
  • Grade Level:
    • 9th to 12th grade
  • Ideal Number of Students:
    • 8+ students 
  • Materials Needed: 
    • POP Worksheet (included)
    • Moving Through the State Budgets Printouts (included)
    • Department Worksheets (included)
    • Budget Flowchart (included)
    • Character Rules (included)
    • Budget Worksheets (included)
    • “Money” – beans, candy, monopoly money (not included)
    • Evaluations, Online + Print Versions (included) 

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