Forward Montana Foundation is…

Inclusive – We work toward a democracy that celebrates and reflects the diversity of our generation while being actively anti-oppressive through our actions and choices.

Progressive – We believe in moving us not left, not right, but forward. We are transforming our government and communities to become more just, sustainable, and equitable.

Fun – We make politics fun by building authentic relationships with other young people, challenging power with humor, and recognizing that laughter is a powerful political tool.

Innovative – We deliver inventive strategies and solutions to complex cultural and political challenges. We are on the cutting edge when it comes to young people’s participation in politics.

Young person-led – We seek to ensure that our members’ voices are directly reflected in our decisions and that young leaders are at the forefront of our movement.

Power building – We are changing the culture of civic engagement by helping our communities build the skills, resources, and leadership to create meaningful change in Montana.

We Live Our Values.

Organizing young people means we have to be in business year-round. Support Forward Montana Foundation with a generous, tax-deductible donation today!