Korbin Bragstad was born and raised right here in Missoula, MT. Korbin went to high school at Hellgate and Bonner before that. His major is Political Science with a focus in American Politics. When Korbin isn’t doing homework, at school, or working his job at JcPenney, he is usually reading or hanging out with friends. Korbin’s primary interest however is politics. He has very strong beliefs on equality, economic rights of the middle class, and election reform. He dreams one day of holding elected office and hopes to make this state/country even better for the next generation.

1480730_638658702867563_1815074129_nKIM BRAY

Kim Bray grew up in Billings, Montana, the land of hay fields and finicky weather. She is now entering her second year at the University of Montana and is exploring the majors of Environmental Studies and Political Science. Her interests range from planting beets, to backpacking in the Bob and hula hooping, to reading books of virtually any genre. After being raised on a horse ranch, she automatically adores any animal she comes across. Kim has a passion for equality of rights, whether it be between gender, sexual-orientation, or race. Post-college, she hopes to make a difference by becoming involved in governmental policy and the processes that create them.


Raised in Missoula, Alexi Corbett is in her first year at The University of Montana. Although she has not declared a major she hopes to use her experiences in school and at Forward Montana to save the world one uninformed citizen at a time. She has a passion for equality and wants to play a part in changing the world of politics alongside her fellow young leaders. In her time off she enjoys playing soccer, cooking, and going on adventures! She is easygoing and of course a badass, because Forward Montana is for badasses!


10496989_10204320088066119_2239559181293157370_oHARLY CORNELL

Harley Cornell is a Massachusetts girl born and raised, but she loves Missoula. She is a freshman at the University of Montana and is studying athletic training. Her interests include playing lacrosse, reading, and listening to music no matter what genre. Harley is a very fun and outgoing person who loves to meet new people and make new friends. One of her hopes is to push for gender equality.

1523773_10201070803726175_659533141_oEULA FULLERTON

Eula Fullerton is a freshman in college learning the perks of the adult life.  She is currently studying pre-med/biochemistry at University of Montana. Eula moved to Montana when she was 7 years old from the Philippines. Spending 7 years of her life in a third world country has taught her the importance of being involved.  She is absolutely in love with every cat and dog in the universe and is the type of girl who enjoys dancing at any time and any place, often times to avoid awkwardness by making it more awkward. She is an easy going person who gets along with about everyone. She also enjoys to sing and play instruments such as the piano, ukulele, and guitar.



Anita Green is Forward Montana’s first transgender woman to join our team of interns. After her reign as the first trans person on Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) Senate, Anita has decided to pursue a career in politics. At the end of the her internship with she will finally have graduated with a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in inequality and social justice and a minor in Communication Studies.


1374790_10202320452716643_1502752544_nCALEB HORTON

Caleb originates from New York but very much loves Missoula #montanathuglife. He has a serious sense of style but isn’t afraid of looking like a hot mess. He enjoys eating food because he’s bored, long drives in the sunset, and awkward first talks with strangers. Caleb hopes to accomplish a huge push towards gender equality at his time at FMT because it’s time women get recognized for all the rad shit they do. While he’s not being an adult (shush it can’t happen if I don’t allow it), he’s watching Teen Wolf because, who doesn’t love teen werewolves with no shirts fighting?



Matthew has lived in Missoula for about 9 years now, and absolutely loves it here. He loves all of the good things in life, like Doctor Who, longboarding, playing video games, Magic: The Gathering and the occasional anime. Matthew is a 3rd year student at the University Of Montana, where he studies Broadfield Social Studies Secondary Education (or at least he will, once he gets around to getting into the School of Ed). Matthew is also a debater for the University, and loves debate like he loves political awareness. While at FMT, Matthew Wants to help strengthen #teammontana, and work with some high school kids, because high school kids are super cool and important.



“Wow, what a name!” To top if off she was living in Paris, France for the last year and a half.  She has spent quite some time on her feet, weaving her way through the streets, museums and restaurants of ten different European countries. This is how she gets her creative inspiration, that, and her wise grandmother. Attending the University of Montana is the next step towards obtaining her goals, with a focus in psychology as her potential major.  In all her travels she has found a theme that points out to her the most, the power of connections, they play a major role in getting you to where you want to go. With all these life skills, she is ready to change the world and make a difference with the Forward Montanans.


10295285_10202869158761709_1218700352676002118_oSABRINA YOST

While Sabrina was born in Washington state, she was raised in far too many other places to count, including Vilseck, Germany and (for about two years) Missoula, Montana. While she has not chosen a major yet, due in part to her indecisiveness and large number of impractical hobbies, Sabrina is taking steps toward her ultimate goal of world domination by joining Forward Montana and learning how to manipulate the political scene, as well as how not to stammer when apologizing for accidentally stepping on someone’s foot. In her spare time, Sabrina enjoys reading, drawing, building freeze rays and singing duets with potential love interests. While generally being awkward all around, she’s enthusiastic and hopes one day to ensure proper education for all, even if she has to hijack the school system to do so.