pierce biopicPIERCE FRAZIER

On a windy Texas summer night, a boy named Pierce was to brought to light. He was raised to love the Lone Star State, but wanted to take a chance with fate. He packed up his clothes, his guitar, and his hat, which proved to be difficult for the young aristocrat. The plane took off quickly from the land of the cattle, and took the lad northbound, specifically, Seattle. He learned many skills from his teachers and friends, and knew his decision produced good dividends. Pierce saw many issues in his life he could fix, (if he only knew more about politics). But a good friend by the name of Hannah, (who Pierce met when he came to the state of Montana) convinced him to try out a new place to learn, where he currently works as an unpaid intern.


 sonia biopic2SONIA MCLAIN

Born in Minneapolis but raised in the tiny town of Livingston Montana, Sonia McLain couldn’t be happier to continue her education in the bigger city of Missoula. As of right now, she plans to major in Elementary Education and minor in the language of German as well as incorporate an area of concentration in dance.  She hopes to include both language and dance into her teaching in order to inspire kids to someday become bilingual and pursue the arts in their careers or hobbies. Notice she says “As of right now.” She tends to be a little indecisive at times, but when she does make a decision, she dedicates herself to achieve whatever that decision entails. Sonia could be considered the quieter, less outgoing member of the group, but once you get to know her, she’ll open up a bit. She’s extremely open to new ideas and always tries to maintain a receptive attitude even towards something she may be completely against. If you’re having a conflict, she’ll be there to help you consider both sides and act as the mediator to resolve it. It is very rare to see her reveal her temper, as she has a calm disposition. You may see her practicing her most recently learned dance choreography or coffee-shop hopping, a hobby she picked up during her trip to Vienna, Austria two years ago. If you’re ever looking to make her day, surprise her with some gluten-free treats!


In the land of Helena, MT, the raising of Matt Podolinsky commenced in the good year 1991.  He separated his younger years between his love of the world outside the city walls, the so called “choo-choo” trains, and swimming in the local watering hole.  Matt became a knight of the realm and became known around the land as the indubitably “Pod.”  He travelled far and wide and eventually settled in the nearby hamlet of Missoula to complete his history studies.  After much training and meditation, Matt earned his degree in the field of History in the fall of the good year 2013.  His adventures continue with Forward MT.  He hopes that it the experience will bring him great riches and fellow companions in his life quests.



lauren biopicLAUREN SCOBIE

A Wisconsin native, Lauren Scobie has somehow found her way into the wide open air of Montana. (And also found herself a lot closer to Canada). While so far from home, she has taken to living on the campus of the wonderful University of Montana – and has joined the ranks of Philosophers in the making. With hard work, all-night study sessions, and a quirky sense of humor, she hopes her path will take her on to Law School. With an intense passion for politics, opera, and a finely-cooked steak, she is more than ready to take on the real world and what it has to offer. Bring it on, world. Bring. It. On.


Adam Poeschl PictureADAM POESCHL

Adam Poeschl grew up in Livingston, then hopped on the wagon train to Bozeman where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Photography with a minor in Philosophy. He loves pizza, beer, and metal. He also like to read when he can sit still and concentrate for more than ten minutes.




Aubrey Wall PictureAUBREY WALL

Aubrey Wall is currently in her third year as a Political Science – Policy and Analysis student at MSU – Bozeman. As a self-proclaimed environmental and political wonk, she plans to spread the word that the political wonks are the new cool kids in town during her time at Forward Montana. She also prides herself on being a master chef and coffee connoisseur. In her free time, she likes to do Bikram yoga, coach synchronized swimming, pet her french bulldogs, run, and try new foods – especially the weird stuff.