Interns Summer 2015


KyLeigh Cook is Political Science graduate from the University of Montana. Born in Butte, she was raised with an insane passion for labor rights and unions. Thanks to her outspoken father, she stood on her first picket line at two years old. She is a future crazy cat lady, and is very thrilled for that day to come. But until that time arrives, she’s excited to be helping out Forward Montana!




Raising hell in the Minneapolis suburbs is  a past-time of Amanda Moseman. Now a student at the University of Montana, she studies Wildlife Biology (kinda) and is co-president of Reinvest Montana (the badass fossil fuel divestment campaign). One of her proudest moments was her arrest at a sit-in act of civil disobedience in the name of democracy. In her non-existent free time she enjoys camping and hiking, but is always down to have a good time. She also has a pet fish named Blueberry Thunder. 



Cheyanne Chadwick is a Butte native come to Zoo Town. She is a senior majoring in theatre education and elementary education since fangirling wasn’t an option. Her Myers-Briggs personality is ENFJ, she loves penguins, and her favorite color is gray. A theatre kid since she could walk across a stage, Cheyanne enjoys stage managing, acting, writing slam poetry, reading, fangirling, and playing Quidditch. Cheyanne is a Ravenclaw and runs a non-profit, fan-based activist group called the Missoula Ministry of Magic instead of having a real job. While she isn’t sure what she wants to do post-college, being an activist is high on her list of potential careers.



Jorunn Løken is not as cool as her name makes her sound. She is plagued with early onset senioritist for the past 3 years and this year finally will be senior in the I.B. Diploma programme at Hellgate High School. In school, she participates in a multitude of activities like M.U.N., Speech and Debate, Thespians, Academic World Quest, and many other smaller less notable things. She hopes to study Economics or Political Science in college but who knows what the future holds. If she ever stops doing homework she hopes that she will be able to go outside and mingle amongst the outside folk. She enjoys the idea of cats, baking,and reading for fun. More often than not she realizes that it is 3am Monday morning and her entire weekend was lost to Netflix. Her favorite school appropriate swear is Frick Frack Paddy Whack and she doesn’t get enough sleep to function normally. Also communism.