College Interns Spring 2015



Kaya was born and raised in Portland, Oregon before the hype of Portlandia (yes it’s actually kind of like that, read: rainy and obsessed with the life history of our food). She spent her summers in the Gallatin Canyon falling in love with Montana, so it just made sense for her to study Political Science with a focus in Policy and Analysis at Montana State University. Her favorite things are her rockstar parents and siblings, who she loves dearly, being in the mountains, the oxford comma, and Hillary Clinton. She is beyond thrilled for the opportunity to be an intern at Forward Montana and be able to advocate and lend a platform to students, women, and the public land that she adores with the amazing team in the Bozeman office.

unnamed-3MARY MORTON
Mary was born in Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut. She studies the political anthropology of American food culture at Bennington College in Vermont, and FMT is her first taste of the west. Outside of the world of academia, she can be found grazing on wild edibles, trying to art, riding horses or smothering her rabbit Waffle (who is equally enthusiastic about the democratic process). She’s hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef, and once caught a bird. Breakfast sandwiches are her forte, and she wants to learn to box. Her next big project is to take a look at the idea of native cuisine, and why there’s virtually none of it. Always passionate about power politics, race and whatever ‘America’ is, you’re bound to find her gesticulating wildly in a coffee shop.

Joules was born and raised in Bozeman, MT and is now studying Cell Biology & Neuroscience and Montana State University. Spending much of her high schools years in the local organization Girls for a Change, she has always been inspired to get involved and make a difference. She hopes to bring together her passion for science with her passion for education, equality, and the environment. She enjoys traveling, long walks in the mountains, and most of all, kitties.