Zoë Buck was born in the 1990s, and is apparently still stuck there mentally. She says “rad” more than any human in this day and age should be allowed to. Zoë is a native Colorado girl, but prefers Missoula to any other location. She will be a sophomore at Hellgate this year. Her interests include giving horoscope readings, learning to speak Japanese, kicking butt at choir, and being a Pokémon master. (She wishes she was joking.) One day, she will make her way to the top of the animation food chain, but until then, she’ll stick with Studio Ghibli movies, occasional vegetarianism and the blood of misogynists. She hopes to go into film or video game design, despite her legendary impatience for doing the same thing multiple times.



Sophia Agne out of crazy random happenstance was born in Missoula and ended up being one of those “ginger kids”. She has a deep emotional attachment to Nathon Fillion which her family finds to be horrible. Despite that his presence in cinematic endeavors gives her a real sense of serenity. Her true calling is regurgitating various musicals despite her crippling fear of acting. The quote in which she goes to seek motivation and power through life is “disappointment is the greatest adventure of them all” (from the short lived animated series Flapjack). If she were to go back in time….she wouldn’t for she has motion sickness and that would probably surface during the time traveling experience. Her main goal in life is to befriend an aquatic animal.

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Kasha Bradford- Adams was conceived in the back of a truck  #thug, born in Hamilton, Montana but never lived there. She grew up in Missoula, the town of soul and home to the many fabulous hippies and hipsters of whom she knows. She is a very fun and energetic human who enjoys hiking around her city and lovely state. She was raised on the spirit of love; she’s a feminist and has the patience of a flying squirrel. Ka$h has a fabulous personality and laughs at all bad puns. Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own? Because it’s two tired.



Samuel Thomas Orr- DJ SaMmYtOh, born June 26th, 1995 has brightened the world with his lovely singing voice and his devious acting skills. Missoula born and raised has developed into a Zootown hippy as well as a very politically involved individual. Sam gets very angry when people don’t register to vote and writes letters to those people telling them how angry he is with them that they didn’t register to vote. Voting is an unalienable right that all young people need to utilize to better our society as a whole. Sam has participated in many campaigns for Montana’s state races. He hopes to use all of his political experience to use to his advantage to work in the government as well as the entertainment industry.




Currently a Lawrention home from Wisconsin, Logan Beskoon (who plays the bassoon) was born and raised in the Bitterroot and Missoula areas. While he enjoys the spectacular outdoors of Montana, he truly loves music and film along with the hours he spends in a practice room. Civic engagement has become his new thang after accomplishing a rad documentary for the Civic Life Project at Lawrence University. He hopes to continue being engaged with awesome people wherever he finds himself. His spare time includes napping outside, finding and making crazy sounds, and watching bizarre movies.



Baylee once attempted to be a vegetarian.  It lasted for a total of three whole days.  After attending a granola munching, tree-hugging middle school; Baylee realized her desire for badassness and civic engagement throughout her high school career.  She is now a SENIOR at Hellgate High school and is both BA and Bunnay. She enjoys talking about sexual health, doing her homework,  going to bed early, and having one man pajama parties where she watches netflix.  #tooschoolforcool  #forwardmontanaisthebombdotcom


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Kelcie Murphy is a rising senior at Sentinel High School and is hoping to study international relations and liberal arts in college. she enjoys reading The Economist, drinking coffee and playing with her overly obese chihuahua. She spends a majority of her time at school, working as a swim instructor, and putting on many roles actively in her community. As a self proclaimed feminist, Kelcie’s Twitter is very overloaded with Half the Sky Movement tweets, that in which she is an ambassador for. Aside from that, she stays active in Policy debate and Netflix marathons of “Chuck,” and “House of Cards.”





Jack Patrick Michaels is an interesting character. Without much in the way of social skills he throws himself into social situations rather recklessly. Remarkably average this sixteen year old human male has two defining characteristics, his facial hair (which he calls an “electric mud” colour) and his coloured glasses. Yes indeed this boy sees the world through rose tinted glasses! He will also be the first one to tell you that it isn’t what it is cracked up to be.