Interns – Fall 2015


Claire Babcock was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana and betrayed her MSU-professor parents by moving to Missoula for college. She hopes to study English and sociology, but so far she is really just focusing on watching the squirrels on campus. She is interning for the first time, but she used to hang around the Forward Montana offices in Bozeman and occasionally attempt to register drunk people to vote (in the name of democracy!) Her hobbies include giving herself low-quality haircuts, naming dogs she sees on the street, talking frantically about feminism, and drinking inappropriate amounts of coffee.


This space-bun wearing, crazy cat Butte rat has come to the ever so swanky University of Montana. Miranda Bishop is a Freshman at UM currently studying Political Science, but she plans to change that up to Education in the spring. MirBish, as she is commonly called, loves all things relating to music and has hopped from the fields of Sasquatch to the pavement of Warped Tour. When she is not listening to some tunes you can find her reading, movie watching, obsessing over Harry Potter, taking way too many Buzzfeed quizzes, sending way too many Snapchats, and yelling. She is a lover of cats, politics, travel, water, peace signs, and most other things. Except mushrooms, those things suck.


Alicia Bowman was born Denver, Colorado but grew up in many places including Missoula, where she attended high school. Her favorite place she lived was Sunset, Louisiana. She is now a Political Science major at the University of Montana with a minor in Russian. She is in Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and she still doesn’t know how she manages living with 30 girls! She spends her spare time on the University’s equestrian team (riding western because she hates the pants for English) and counseling middle schoolers; because who needs to do homework? This will be her first internship, and she could not be be more excited for the opportunity!


Mariclaire Bozarth is a pathological actor and freshman in the University of Montana’s theater program. Originally from Bozeman, when she’s not doing a box step, she’s on a soapbox lobbying for a cause like the libra she is. She enjoys movie/people watching, cuddling fat cats, vintage shopping, and writing poetry no one will ever see. Mariclaire will always cry more over the main character’s dog dying than the main character themselves in films.

965345_544597362248026_1821176847_oROSE O’REILLY-HOISINGTON

Rose O’Reilly-Hoisington is the girl with the absurdly long name. She plans to major in environmental science so she can save the world. Rose is an artist who specializes in watching people from afar and sneakily drawing their faces. When there are no more faces to draw, she turns to gum-wrapper origami. She hails from the cleverly named Oregon City, and loves everything she’s seen of Missoula so far. Having just started a volunteer position at the Montana Natural History Center, she can barely fit in her weekly sword fights, not to mention her career as a talented Chaser. In those brief moments when she’s not writing an essay or translating Russian sentences, Rose can be found perched on her dorm room chair fighting bandits and dragons in Skyrim.

10407928_1035967536416385_6306604275458027158_nMELI SLATER

Melisande Slater better known as Meli or Mel grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon in the tiniest little town called Yamhill where there’s more churches than people. She moved to Missoula to study Political Science, International Relations and minor in International Development and maybe even French. Her hobbies include explorin’ the great outdoors in anyway you can think of, hike, bike, ski, climb, run, swim, rain, snow, sunshine, lunar eclipse, with a ball, with a frisbee, it all floats her boat. She misses the ocean deeply but the mountains keep her spirits high. A few fun facts about Meli, the party don’t start til’ she walks in, her hair knows no tame, her favorite color is forest green, she knits but only for herself, and she can walk the entire campus backwards. Getting involved is sorta her thing and she can’t wait to get out the vote with the cool cats at Forward Montana!