Notes from the Field

Voting Rights Litigation

For Immediate Release Contacts: Rylee Sommers-Flanagan Upper Seven Law, 406-396-3373 **Youth coalition files lawsuit to challenge voter suppression laws that reduce youth voter turnout** [BILLINGS, MONTANA] Montana Youth Action, Forward Montana Foundation, and Montana Public Interest Research Group (MontPIRG) have filed a lawsuit challenging three recently passed laws that restrict young Montanans’ access to voting….

Notes from the Field
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Dialogue & Democracy

As we’re transitioning into winter, for some of us, that means spending time with friends and family for the holidays, entering an unusually long school break, or being at home for longer than usual. While the holiday season can be filled with joy and laughter, sometimes seeing your loved ones can be difficult, especially if…

Notes from the Field

A Note from Michael

It has been 7 years since my first day as an FMT intern. Since then, I have served as a volunteer, field fellow, field organizer, and field manager. I have organized dozens of community events, mobilized thousands of voters, testified in public hearings, met hundreds of incredibly passionate organizers across the country, and so much…

Notes from the Field

#DYK: It Takes 10 Minutes To #GetCounted

#DYK: The #2020Census takes less than 10 minutes and can be done either online or over the phone?! You can find more information on My2020Census.Gov or by calling 1-844-330-2020. For every person not counted in the #2020Census, Montana stands to lose $20,000 over the next ten years which is BAD news. We’ve had almost 20 volunteers join us…

Notes from the Field

FMF’s Response to COVID-19

When I stepped into the Executive Director’s role at Forward Montana, I could not have anticipated the global challenges we would be facing less than four months later. When I started, my mind was filled with questions like “How often should I communicate with my Board,” and “How do I figure out my budget gap”?…

Notes from the Field

20 things FMF has already accomplished in 2020

Met with partners in other states to develop a strategic and unified youth vision! Rested our souls with much-deserved breaks and came back ready to GO this year #RestForRadicals Hired Voter Registration Organizers in Bozeman, Billings, and Missoula FMF on Ice! (Registered folx at a local Hockey game) Marched with thousands of people across Montana…

Notes from the Field

Top Ten Reason to Attend the Williams’ Effect Weekend

Our keynote speaker is going to blow your mind! Tara Houska (Couchiching First Nation Anishinaabe) is a tribal attorney, founder of Ginew, and a former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders. She spent six months on the frontlines fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and is currently engaged in the movement to defund fossil…

Notes from the Field

A Note from Sarah

By Sarah Korn, Previous Development Manager Part of Forward Montana Foundation’s theory of change is that when young people hear from other young people about voting, they’re more likely to turn out to the polls. It was true when I was 18 and registered to vote for the first time with a Forward Montana Foundation…

Notes from the Field

Goodbye, Catherine!

Friends, Being with Forward Montana Foundation for a little more than two and a half years, I have come to love our organization for not only the incredible work of our dedicated team, but also the close bonds I’ve forged with my colleagues. While I’ll miss my work and the FMF family, I look forward to…

Notes from the Field Williams' Effect

Introducing 2019’s 25 Under 25

You’ve seen them in the field wielding clipboards, organizing conferences, or on stage performing in drag. This year’s 25 Under 25 are just a sampling of young people who are changing the landscape here in Montana to be more just, equitable, and open to all. For the last six years, Pat and I have had the…