Forward Montana Foundation is stoked to be announcing an Executive Director search for our next leader to steer us through 2020 and beyond! 

While we’ll miss our current leadership team, Rachel and Kiah, who are transitioning into new phases of their lives within the year, we’re proud that Forward Montana continues to grow strong leaders who go on to share their skills, energy, and talent with organizations and movements all across our state and nation.

Never before have we had such a large, diverse group of young leaders within Forward Montana Foundation’s staff, board, and broader network ready to step up and take the reigns of this organization. Making space for new leaders is what Forward Montana Foundation does best and we’re excited to announce that Amara, our Bozeman Field Manager, will be taking on a statewide role of Program Director. Amara is a Forward Montana Foundation leader through and though — starting as an intern and then moving on to roles as fellow and high school coordinator.

In the past year, we’ve ramped up our work to new heights — sustaining three year round offices in Missoula, Bozeman, and Billings, while winning BIG on education with the 6-Mill Levy, student debt support for young farmers, and a local Billings school levy. We’ve continued to build groundswells of young leaders to make waves on public lands, climate change, affordable housing, and LGBTQ equality. Meanwhile, Forward Montana Foundation’s work on voting rights has led to polling locations being monitored and moved, re-shaping our electorate. Young Montanans are leading a culture of civic engagement at our high schools, universities, and workplaces — and it shows. In 2018, Montana had the largest youth voter engagement increase of any state.

Coming off these tidal waves of success, we are thrilled to pass the torch to the next Executive Director who will continue to lead the fight for a government that reflects the diverse voices and vision of our generation.

Help us find our next Executive Director by sharing this job posting far and wide,and stay with our team as we transition into our next phase of life!

PS: As Amara is moving into a new role, we’re also stoked to be hiring for a new Bozeman Field Manager and a temporary Statewide Field Organizer. Help us spread the word!

Allie Hay is Chair of Forward Montana’s Board of Directors.

Jeremy Osborn is Chair of Forward Montana Foundation’s Board of Directors.