We were so excited to host Governor Steve Bullock’s announcement about his Climate Change Executive Order. Not only does this Executive Order enjoin Montana in the U.S. Climate Alliance, but it creates a council of Montanans to build out Montana-made recommendations in the following areas: (1) climate resilience, (2) climate mitigation, (3) climate science, and (4) research and technology.

Check out the full announcement and town hall below:

Find the transcript for the video here.

Here are the rad young Montanans who talked with Governor Bullock after his announcement:

Valan Anthos (Missoula, MT) is an environmental and climate activist who plans to attend law school in 2020.
Avery (St. Ignatius, MT) is a member of the Crow Nation and is also affiliated with the Flathead Nation.
Sula Duncan (Livingston, MT) is a junior at Park High School, musician, and outdoors enthusiast.