Back in September, I drove to Helena in a duck costume to advocate for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a critical funding mechanism for our public lands and water. This was part of our Don’t Duck Out campaign urging our congressional representatives to listen to Montanans and advocate for one of our most precious resources — our access to public land and clean water.

I think that out of all I did for Forward Montana, this is my crowning personal achievement. Not just because I did something spontaneous, but because I was able to see how sometimes, to get a message across, it’s okay look kind of ridiculous. This was just one of the ways that I definitely left my comfort zone this semester — and grew as a person. Thanks to my social anxiety, I feel uncomfortable most of the time, so I definitely left my comfort zone this semester.

To everyone who supports Forward Montana, thank you. You’ve made a difference in how I view humanity because you are contributing your time & resources to an organization that is open and so accepting of diversity. My time here has helped me accept myself more, and has made me realize that being authentic to myself is so powerful, and that made a huge impact on my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this movement.

In solidarity,

Jesse Keiser
Bozeman Intern – Class of Fall 2018